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Assured Purpose DIY Experience

Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

You're going to adore this carefully thought-out class by Shereitta Myrick if you want to FINALLY create a website that not only accurately portrays your skills and your business, but one that is also designed to generate revenue for it.
This is the first workshop you've ever seen.
Imagine it...

Designers Working Together


You'll get TWO FULL DAYS with Shereitta Myrick our creator and strategist, as she demonstrates how to FINALLY create your website. In addition to having access to her strategies during the EXPERIENCE, your investment will also allow Shereitta to create your brand's identity and marketing materials.

A two-day DIY with us is one of the BEST methods to establish and Assure a "Purposeful" presence and experience quick results in your business, outside of working directly with Shereitta. There is NO OTHER WAY to work with Shereitta this closely outside of this workshop besides her Purposeful VIP Days (more expensive, but Shereitta will be 100% invested in YOUR BUSINESS ONLY for the WHOLE DAY) or by hiring her as a one-on-one client. 

You see, the appeal of this DIY experience is that you don't need programming, coding, or graphic design knowledge to partake. You only need to show up, roll up your sleeves, and be ready to learn how to easily implement the work produced for you by Shereitta to the NEW home of your PURPOSEFUL website, step-by-step, page-by-page!

Two days for visual brand identity, web design, training, AND marketing?

Done WITH & FOR you?

That sounds like an Assured Purpose Time, in our opinion!


Designs will be completed FOR YOU before the two-day workshop:
(YES, you read that correctly. Let US DO ALL THE DESIGNING!