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Who Is Assured Purpose Digital Creative Agency LLC?

History & Future

Assured Purpose Digital Creative Agency LLC was established in 2018 to share some facts with you. That was the main emphasis of our work at the time, and it was limited to creating basic websites. Which prompted our founder Shereitta Myrick to experiment with new tactics and systems and begin gaining new clients. Shereitta began questioning "now what" after a few years. How do I help my clients capitalize on having created these fantastic websites? So, Assured Purpose Digital Creative Agency LLC was born. Now possessing all the puzzle pieces. Since then, we've developed steadily, creating, overseeing more than 1000 websites, while providing a wide range of services to fit all of our customers needs.

Modern Design Workspace

Our Mission

At ASSURED PURPOSE DIGITAL CREATIVE AGENCY LLC, our mission is to produce outstanding design that gets our clients noticed. We know it’s the little things that count, which is why we apply the same dedicated effort whether we’re doing a full brand redesign or designing a specific aspect in need of upgrading. We’re committed to making sure our clients fall in love with our work. Whether you’re starting with a vague idea or a fully-fleshed out concept, ASSURED PURPOSE DIGITAL CREATIVE AGENCY LLC can bring your vision to life. Our team of professionals has a proven track record of success and knows how to merge innovative ideas with business goals.

Our priority is understanding the specific needs of each client and making sure we apply them throughout the entire design process. This customer-driven approach is why we’re such a successful Web Design Agency. As part of this philosophy, we include our clients in every step of the creative process to ensure that our work is exactly what they had in mind. The end result is inspiring and breakthrough design that will boost their profile in meaningful ways.

About Us

All About Community & Giving

Assured Purpose Digital Creative Agency LLC has worked hard to be a good corporate citizen over our four years in business. People that desire to give back to the community that has given us so much make up the foundation of our culture. These are just a few instances of the organizations we are associated with. Everyone who joins the team is urged by our CEO and founder, Shereitta Myrick, to get involved in causes that are important to them. I've enjoyed having the opportunity to serve on boards and support numerous organizations.

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Our Company's Founder and Visonary

Shereitta, a mother of four, multi-passionate solopreneur, is well aware of the difficulties faced by business owners who must wear many hats. She is aware because she has firsthand experience.

Author, Lead Web Designer of Assured Purpose Digital Creative Agency LLC and the nonprofit Empowering Creative Minds Resource Center. Florida native now living in Eastern North Carolina Shereitta will receive her Bachelor of Science in Business Administration in May of 2023.

Our Partners

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