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Refund Policy

We're sorry to hear you're looking for a refund! We want to make sure the process goes as smoothly for you as possible.

Note: If you’ve purchased your product through a mobile app store like the Apple App Store or Google Play, you’ll need to contact that mobile app store to request a refund.


For purchases through Assured Purpose Digital Creative Agency LLC  Shop, here’s what you’ll need to do:

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  1. First, we recommend that you review our refund policy to check your eligibility.

  2. Once you’ve verified your eligibility, you’ll need to delete the product, service or domain you want refunded.

    • If you've purchased a subscription that includes multiple products, any changes you make are applied to all products in the subscription. Products included in a subscription can't be individually deleted or refunded.

    • If you’re not eligible for a refund, we recommend that you turn off auto-renew for your product instead. You’ll be able to keep using it until the end of your subscription — then we'll delete the product and all its files.



  1. Finally, contact customer support to request a refund for your eligible, deleted product. Customer support is here to help.



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